UFO – Ian Callum Personal 1963 Mk2 – ReWork

Ok, je l’avais raté celle là..


i don’t show personal cars that much on this website but this one.. catch me seriously.

Personal car from the former head design of Jaguar Ian Callum

ian-callum-creates-one-off-modernized-jaguar-mk2-photo-gallery_4 classic-jaguar-mark-2-redesigned-by-ian-callum-5 jaguar-mkii-callum-ac-026 jaguar-mkii-callum-ac-028 mk2-07 mk2callumblueprint-626x442 jaguar-mkii-callum-ac-031 jaguar-mkii-callum-ac-030

i have to admit.. this guy have tast..

i was pretty happy with the new era design line from Jaguars but from now, get my attention.. for real.


Entre celle-ci et une Lynx mon coeur balance,.., un peu.




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