fck the 7k€ 205gti & let’s get a 3k€ underrated 309GTI

you win 2 doors for you nice puppets on the way..


The graal is the diabolic 16 valves 309-Gti16 version but it’s   far up 7k€ today…


this one look very clean (the little bumpers on the doors is a very good sign )





Clutch/Timing Beld/Spark Plugs/Breaks Pads etc etc done.

(after read the list of works done i suggest a little attention on the Front Left side.)


160 000 km

2900€ (let’s speak about next years…)


Source: http://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/921107589.htm?ca=21_s


And some Dimma Wheels later… maybe..



309_e309_c 309_b309_d  309_f 309_a309_g 309_h

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