All you need to know (Engine optimisation) – Part 2

You already read this last week, if not you should.

and now`Tech & Math  :

Alfred S Cosentino

Let’s get started with a commercial website which offer a good basic overview about almost everything; can be very useful for understand basics

like that or  that or that or that or that and that etc etc …

You should have a look at this:

& In general sneak around this 2 forums:


like this head porting bunch



If you get hot there is a link for build a pretty “serious” DIY Flow bench

and this one, for the last link i would not follow so much they porting advices, a little ruf and unclear to me but stick on the eectuning & Guy Croft  advices.

Anyway this last document give a good overview on how to do it technically

At last keep in mind that everyone have different opinions on porting .. have fun with that &  find your way.

Still thirsty ? a bunch of link there


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