2001 – Porsche 911 Turbo – Right in time – 41500€



This spoiler should not suppose to be down ?


The unloved 996 is the last terrific deal from in the 911 familly

Personally i love the idea that she’s the lonely 911 without semi circular headlights (but i use to hate it like everybody..)

This one have a 30 000 km Porsche standard exchange motor (12 months warranty) with .. a Techart little tune, 470 HP, it’s around 20 Hp more than the TurboS model 50 more than the “basic” Turbo.

Look like the time to buy a Porsche Turbo, Unfortunately in auto Gearbox..


127 000 km


41500€ (around 3x less than all the other Turbo Porsches)


Source: https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/995099385.htm?ca=13_s




“But my time at Porsche did teach me about one important thing: the 911. Throughout my job, I drove them all: from 1970s models up to the brand-new 991. From Turbos and GT3s to the vaunted 993. I had four different 911 company cars, and I personally owned one more. And after all this experience, and all this exposure, and all this time behind the wheel, I’ve reached the following conclusion: the 996 Turbo is the best one of them all.” Doug DeMuro Source


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