1998 – Mercedes – C43 AMG T – First Owner – 138 000 km under 6k€

ok, you know how much i love this car.

never seen a one owner 138mkm under 6k€

c-43_t_amg_2 c-43_t_amg3 c-43_t_amg c-43_t_amg4 c-43_t_amg5

Un pu*ain de break de chasse, j’entends par la un chasseur à la Top-Gun pas un mec barbu avec un fusil.

Not clean by the shop, pictures with the over carpet protection, seats in good condition.. maybe that hide a good one.. maybe.

i would just look after rust and the service historic (some people just follow the millage .. i see some mercedes with 3 to 6 years between 2 services, no way).

My little concern is about this ugly V8 stickers on the sides and the little difference of color between the front and rear door (maybe the picture but present on 2 photos)

And don’t forget that German likes to play with millage.

Anyway, i would go straight to look at it.

..un V8 4.3 AMG.


138000 km

South Germany

SOurce: https://home.mobile.de/AUTOPARKSCHOENBLICK#des_232625548





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