1989 – Volvo 480 Turbo – Mint – 79 000 km



The 80’s era Volvo P1800

not a sport car.. But a great car. Heavy but über safe and soft.

Volvo_480_Turbo Volvo_480 Volvo_Turbo

In the 80 love roots we get an excellent futuristic design, Pop up headlights, inboard 80’s Computer.. and.. a  Turbo pressure Gauge*. !

*For the story, i was dreaming on this sport symbol little red Turbo nail in my child age (father Renault 11 turbo), maybe my first automotive dreaming excitement.  ..  ..

At the end this car have a lots of little gadgets that you’ll love discovering.

The seller claim a full options and mint condition, we see an ultra rare 79 000 km for a Volvo

Actually i really like the 480 Turbo, and this one look like a good number (at least on the paper … Nothing better than eyes & hands for judge a car condition..) but this one smell good and the price is really ok for the model/millage/”condition”.

This car is a futur collector without any doubt. (a shooting brake volvo.)

And by the way, build in ex-Daf factory 🙂



76 000km

4 000€


Source: https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/946765964.htm?ca=21_s



Nice back. .nice.


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