1988 – Venturi cup 221 – Rare, Wild & French et.. Fck Ferrari…



With the original Venturi logo and not this MVS bidule from the next series.



We miss Venturi like hell … Drive by Claude Poiraud & Gérard Godfroy (..ça ne s’invente pas ) this brand was really good (i use to have a friend who was working in a Venturi Garage just before the end).

It’s a LOT a fun to drive, a Fat&Fast GoKart.

This is the first 6 cylinders model from the brand, the design is just sublime.

A must have.



143 342 km



Source: https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/931722222.htm?ca=21_s



venturi-200-coupe-cup221-5 venturi-200-coupe-cup221-9

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