1985 – 500hp – Ford Sierra – Thunder Saloon –

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Sierra Thunder

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26730 miles



Source: http://www.oldtimerfarm.be/fr/voiture-de-collection-a-vendre/1507/ford-sierra-thunder-saloon-85.php


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I fond this on the way


“The launch of the Sierra was a big event for Ford heralding, as it did, their new, mass-market family saloon. It was only when their competitions department breathed on it though that it suddenly came to the attention of motorsport enthusiasts, drivers and the wider general sportscar buying public. The car became synonymous with Brit hero Andy Rouse, who remains one of the most successful tin-top drivers of all time and became a regular podium winner all over the world. The BRSCC’s Thundersaloon series ran from 1984-1995 and offered long(ish)-distance racing for seriously modified steel shelled saloons cars, initially with a mid-race pit stop to change drivers.

This rakish Thundersaloon example of one of Fords most iconic motorcars is there in name only. Little has been spared in pursuit of power, performance and competition. Beginning, most obviously, with the carbon Kevlar bodykit that enrobes the completely straight and un-welded monocoque. The interior has new Sparco bucket seats with six point harnesses and full rollcage with door bars. The dash and interior trim is fully flocked throughout and comes complete with a full complement of motorsport instruments. Power comes from what used to be the engine but is now a snarling demon pushing out 502bhp (confirmed) through a 200 long studded block built by A1 Rally sport. Internally it has 7.4.1 Mahle forged pistons with Eagle steel rods and a lightened and balanced bottom end. The big ends are race spec with BD16 cams, adjustable pulleys and a Stage 4 fully working head. The valves are bigger, use bronze guides, titanium caps and three angle valve seats. The engine mounts are Vibretec units with a Group A head gasket and Comtic for the rest. All fittings are braided, an RS500 Pace intercooler is installed as well as a Pace alluminium radiator and turbo cooler. The braided lines continue through the car and the exhaust is a custom stainless steel side exit unit which, amazingly, passes required sound checks.

To reach the rear wheels, power passes through a new Ford T5 box containing stripped and Cryogen hardened gears, lightened flywheel, six paddle clutch and a Quaife rear 7.5 differential, again Cryogen hardened. 17″ Compermotive split rim wheels can be found in each corner shod with 335 Michelins at the rear and 245 Pirelli’s at the front. These are arrested through 330mm Hi-Spec four pot calipers with Red Stuff pads and more braided hoses.

It is reported that this track day car/racing car was put together by the son and owner of Redline Racing although no evidence exists to substantiate this. Certainly no expense was spared with an estimated £30,000-£50,000 worth of parts and man-hours going into the build. It has extremely low mileage and indeed has not actually ever turned a wheel in anger. Complete with a current MoT test certificate, performance reports, and history file, this could easily be hugely competitive given the correct series, a giant-killing track day car or just for the road. Mindful of national speed limits of course…”


..Joyeux noel.


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