1979 – Fiat 128 3p – Berlinetta – Racer Project


Fiat_Berlinetta_128 Fiat_Berlinetta3P

Nice tail lights


Ok this look like shit but it’s a very nice base of work with the.. “..bigest…“overhead camshaft 75HP  -1300 motor

Like alway Italian cars/70’s, the rust is the nightmare. Must have a serious look on that before to buy it.



121 000km

1000€ (open)


Source: http://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/929414354.htm?ca=21_s#



Mise en Possible:


fs_photo_273 2lrm75 Selinger_Bernhard.1. BqRiGTYZ 1283Pcoupe 1000427 oCpuJSHu Lg6t67cz fiat-128-sport-coupe-1100-54280 fiat-128-coupe-3p-8717824389

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