1966- Fiat 850 Spider Bertone

One of the cutest car from the 60’s generation, a master drawing from Giorgio Giugiaro for the Bertone studio

850 spider 2


Wtf is this…. black… plastic… mirror- no way.. and by the way these pretty fog lights… nice but…

This is a rare série 1 with this pure aero design.

The second series named sport spider  (don’t trust the name it’s a little joke for swallow the ugly redesign) was modified for American export & loose on the way all the sex appeal for security reasons; the Chevrolet Corvair like subtle nose was modified for a funny frog like headlights, some huge secure seats, . a pair of bouing bUmPers, ugly little lights on the side etc…and.. ciao the cutest car of this generation

850 spider

A 100% collector, actually the absolute collectors are the luxurious “CL” version for  “convertibile lusso” fully build in the Bertone factory (between the Lamborghini Miura  and the funky OT 1000 ABARTH).

(-By the way; take really care about the taillight, they come from the Lamborghini Miura and… the price follows )

The rust is ThE enemy, just look everywhere and be careful about a car freshly paint, can hide a lots of italian zombies.


61 000 km


French Riviera








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