1964 – UNIMOG Type 411 – 550 heures


Unimog_411bUnimog_411Unimog_411d Unimog_411e


These early Unimog are pretty rare and very small which i really like.

Once rid of the crane it’s a nice machine.

Thanks to Damien B for the link.



Ebay auction start / 3000 euro

Source: http://www.ebay.fr/itm/UNIMOG-411-1964-equipe-dune-grue-hydraulique-HIABB-/141988123431?hash=item210f26d327%3Ag%3AY2UAAOSwBs1XMatT



Funny UK link :http://www.xor.org.uk/unimog/uksell/uksold.htm

lisapeters01 mogindirt2 Unimog-2-700x533 Unimog-4-700x561 1964_Mercedes_Benz_UNIMOG_Front_1 1964_Mercedes_Benz_UNIMOG_Rear_1

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